Golden Goose 2.12

I was covered in greasy chili sauce with bits of shell. I used a half but it wasn enough. But my last napkin got soaked by my wet umbrella. Where I have found the greatest progress in my work is when I relate to those who I disagree with the most politically and react in an empathetic stance to try to understand why they respond to life the way they do. People only respond to aggression and conflict with the same behaviour. So from this perspective of learning there is greater growth intellectually and a greater chance for creating work that affects positive change..

C un anche se il rischio pare basso, sul Liability Management Exercise (Lme), cio la conversione dei bond. Quella che starebbe cercando di concretizzare l fund Numen, operatore con sede a Londra: il fondo starebbe riflettendo che fare ma secondo alcuni rumors potrebbe cercare alleati per votare nell dedicata dei bondholders contro la conversione stessa. Secondo alcune fonti si tratterebbe di ostruzionismo tramite il quale gli hedge stessi starebbero cercando di ottenere un vantaggio sulla conversione.

It marked the start of Day Three of Trump trying to manage the political fallout from his widely criticized performance at the summit meeting with Putin this week in Finland. Trying to prevent any improvement in relations and narrow party interests above the national interest. Had toughened his tone about Russia on Wednesday, saying in a CBS News interview that he told the Russian president to his face during Monday summit to stay out of America elections that the way it going to be.

His activity, except for a parenthesis in which he gave himself to the merchant navy (1686 1689), was dedicated to the Royal Navy. He left the army the degree of master, after being brought before the court martial because of a dispute against an officer, it should be noted that the code of conduct between the officers was very rigid (and even today with military degrees there is little to joke) and after having brought his public apology to Captain Booth of the Adventure and repaid the fine with three months of work without pay, Benbow decided to resign. The following year he became the owner of the frigate Benbow roamed the Mediterranean and the English Channel hunting for pirates, earning the reputation of a skilled and ruthless captain.

Infatti nel Quattrocento e nel Cinquecento il brigantino a vele latine era utilizzato frequentemente come unità per la guerra di corsa e la pirateria. Il brigantino era impiegato principalmente come cargo o nave di scorta; ebbe grande diffusione nel Mar Mediterraneo e nell del nord. (da wikipedia)Le navi da guerra francesi al comando dell Du Casse stavano scortando un convoglio di trasporto truppe.

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