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(tratto da qui)LA VERSIONE IN GAELICO GALLESEASCOLTA Siobhan Owen live voce e arpa come doveva essere suonata nel Settecento e cantata nell (con la III strofa in inglese)ASCOLTA Meinir Gwilym (molto fresca e naturale interpretazione accompagnata dalla chitarra)vecchiaia è la notte quando arriva la malattia,ma per adornare l’uomo nei suoi ultimi giorni, noi accenderemo la nostra pallida luce insiemeper tutta la notte 1) eyelids letteralmente sono le palpebreALL THROUGH THE NIGHTIl titolo indica anche una serie di canzoni pop rock, da non confondersi con questa dolcissima ninna nanna di Natale: sulla stessa melodia gallese di Hyd Y Nos sono stati scritte molte versificazioni in inglese, la più popolare è diventata quella di Sir Harold Boulton scritta nel 1884. Le versioni inglesi sono incentrate maggiormente sul tema natalizio con coro di angeli. Ho però evitato le versioni per i coriASCOLTA (strofa I e II) in versione ninna nannaASCOLTA The Irish Rovers in of Christmas 1999 (è riprodotto tutto l’album, la canzone inizia a 34:50).

The net result has been the continued decay of a once skilled blue collar workforce in favor of shortterm profits. At the same time our nation has been transforming to this fragile and unsustainable, service based economy, Americans have been amasing huge amounts of personal debt while lavishing in the excesses of the years of mistaken shortterm prosperity. Now, as it had to someday, the bill has come due.

So there is quite a difference in these two views of election. They could be summarised as: God picks people for salvation and they cannot refuse; his election is unconditional (Calvinism) versus God picks people for salvation and they can accept or reject the offer of salvation because they are freed to believe or refuse God’s offer, based on God’s grace (Arminianism). In election God determined what would happen before the foundation of the world (Calvinism), while in Arminianism God has foreknowledge of what will happen but human beings’ free will is not removed..

I visited a Christian forum on the Internet where there was a thread on ‘female deacons.'[1] Some argy bargy was there to read between traditionalists who oppose female deacons and those who are open to another view from Scripture. The latter are sometimes called progressives. I would prefer to use the terminology, ‘They let the plain meaning of Scripture speak for itself’ when interpreted in context..

The Sun (2011)This is the story of a love affair and its ending. Times, Sunday Times (2012)He had thought his father always involved with international business affairs. Aldiss, Brian Somewhere East of Life (1994)History matters in commercial affairs as much as it does in so many aspects of life.

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