Golden Gus

At a glance I was taken in by the headline, “Deepening the American Dream.” I thought to myself, “ha, that’s funny because the American Dream is merely a thing of the past.” I previously thought the concept of the American Dream was about getting married, starting a family, and having a house, preferably with a white picket fence. Happiness and financial matters are of no concern because their amounts are always plentiful. After watching the clip on Deepening the American Dream I realized that I could not be more wrong.

Yesterday was our first full day and it was crazy. I am having to consult my schedule (which is the first time I have looked at it properly, it keeps getting updates with new events, not to mention new gift giving events I did not bring enough gifts!). I am just going to organize the blog like the day was organized..

In prigione ho vissuto di tutto, la corruzione e la violenza delle guardie e degli altri prigionieri, le continue umiliazioni, le botte, i complotti, i tradimenti. Le cicatrici dei pestaggi delle guardie le ho ancora tutte. Ho visto guardie ammanettare i prigionieri, sottrargli il cibo, commettere ogni sorta di nefandezza.

Durante il viaggio, compose il Fugal Concerto per flauto, oboe e archi.Si ritirò nella sua casa di campagna di Thaxted, dove passò un anno nel tentativo di risollevare le proprie condizioni psico fisiche. In questo periodo, lavorò alla Choral Symphony e ad una nuova opera dal titolo At the Boar Head. Quest rappresentata nel 1925, fu un totale insuccesso a causa della sua audacia e complessità, che sconcertava gli spettatori.

This place reminds me of the Gaslighter in Downtown Campbell, California. I came to the Bluebird for the Air Guitar Championships! I serious. It was awesome! They have a full bar in here and can whip you up anything your little heart desires. Times, Sunday Times (2011)We wanted to give the crowd something to cheer about. The Sun (2010)Thank you to all the pastors and staff who work extra hard to serve a bigger crowd than usual. Christianity Today (2000) Huge crowds eagerly awaited his arrival.

L’universo musicale di Petra Beat Records si arricchisce ogni giorno di linfa nuova e fresca. Esce il 6 novembre 2017 Lymphatic “Blue whale”, tredicesima release per la giovane ma già rodata etichetta specializzata in musica techno. Una ghiotta anticipazione del singolo è disponibile su Soundcloud.

Times, Sunday Times (2016)I passed to the players all my experience. Times, Sunday Times (2016)A theme of the film is genetic memory, in which a disposition towards violence is passed down through generations. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Many said they were reluctant to pass comment on colleagues.

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