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Con “Arte Nuevo”, infatti, il gruppo istituito dalla peruviana Burga tra 1966 e 1968 insieme con artisti suoi conterranei come Luis Arias Vera, Gloria Gmez Snchez, Jaime Dvila, Armando Varela o Luis Zevallos Hetzel, vengono importate e introdotte in patria tendenze internazionali d’avanguardia come Pop art, Op art e happening. Tendenze dell’arte Usa ed europea osteggiate dal governo militare e dalle idee populiste del generale Juan Velasco Alvarado, che le reputa manchevoli di carattere peruviano, limitandone la circolazione nel Paese. Tendenze che tuttavia Teresa Burga, artista donna che ama la ricerca e il confronto con tecniche diverse, non manca d’indagare realizzando opere a due e a tre dimensioni in cui confluiscono tinte vivaci, immagini segnaletiche e geometriche articolazioni di pattern, nonché rimandi alla cultura d’origine, alla storia, alla società e alla condizione femminile.

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Times, Sunday Times (2006)He wears army fatigues and a hat with bird feathers. Times, Sunday Times (2008)The bird is flying skywards with all its might and there are only two things that can happen. Times, Sunday Times (2008)These birds would fly out each dawn and return at dusk carrying news of all that they had seen or heard.

Times, Sunday Times (2015)We spend a lot of time arguing about whether plastic and cardboard cartons are different products. Times, Sunday Times (2012)My wife and my mother always argue. The Sun (2010)Some people argue that it is unfair that defendants do not receive similar protection.

Times, Sunday Times (2008)What one is hard pressed to find is great fiction published by evangelical houses. Christianity Today (2000)Polls have not had a good press in recent months. Times, Sunday Times (2015)The internet has received a bad press over the past few weeks.

“Gallup finds organized labor taking a significant image hit in the past year. While 66% of Americans continue to believe unions are beneficial to their own members, a slight majority now say unions hurt the nation’s economy. More broadly, fewer than half of Americans 48%, an all time low approve of labor unions, down from 59% a year ago.

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