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Kormkur, scalando il suo Everest tra suspense e vertigine, rimpiange quell’intendimento e denuncia le ascensioni turistiche di massa che attrezzano montagne indomabili, enfatizzano la spettacolarità delle sue attrazioni (naturali e culturali) e allargano a dismisura il campo base. Everest conduce gli attori in parete ed esplora il sentiero sbagliato infilato dall’occidente. In perfetto equilibrio tra crepacci e ghiacciai, il regista islandese sale con le masse, avanza con le mode e ‘arrampica’ i profanatori contro cui la ‘fede’ di Rob Hall, eletto dagli dei a toccare cinque volte la vetta dell’Everest, non può più nulla.

Full text disponibile come:1264KbAbstractThe identifcation of the low energy effective field theory associated with a given microscopic strongly interacting theory constitutes a fundamental problem in theoretical physics, which is particularly hard when the theory is not sufficiently constrained by symmetries. Recently, a new approach has been proposed, which addresses this problem for a large class of four dimensional superconformal field theories, admitting a dual weakly coupled holographic description in string theory. Approach provides a precise prescription for the holographic derivation of the associated effective field theories.

Disfunzioni sessuali in persone sane non differiscono in maniera significativa dai pazienti affetti da IBD. Coerentemente a questo, le disfunzioni sessuali colpiscono in egual modo malati di Colite Ulcerosa e Morbo di Crohn, mentre viene riscontrata una differenza tra donna e uomo. Le disfunzioni sessuali si manifestano con disfunzione erettile, insufficiente lubrificazione vaginale, ipogonadismo e deficit di testosterone.

Times, Sunday Times (2016)Not that we actually witness that last one. The Sun (2012)We were concerned that witnesses disagreed about the nature of demand for urgent and emergency care. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Police have interviewed pupils who witnessed the accident in the school grounds.

You know what surprises me, as many as they are, most people’s comments here in this blog and also in Bill Moyer’s Journal in general, are indeed intelligent; or at least they seem to write with content. Yet the opposition, meaning the uneducated comformists or the educated defenders of the stablishment, is so vast that it is very very difficult for good minded folks to make a difference soon enough. At the same time, it goes to show just how the forces of good are superior to those of evil because, although we are lesser in numbers, the world still hasn’t exploted with h boms and bio weapons; as it would have been the case far too long ago had there not been any good!.

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